Why You Should Teach English Abroad At Summer Camp

Why You Should Teach English Abroad At Summer Camp

If you never been the fan of classroom teaching methodology or at least you are interested in something new, excited, yet comprehensive teaching experience, you should consider teaching English abroad at a summer camp. Most likely, there is no better combination of spending summer abroad as an ESL teacher than in the fun and educational environment such as summer camps. Traveling, meeting new people and cultures, expanding teaching experience, the creation of a bunch of short-termed opportunities – all of these are at the heart core of TEFL teaching abroad.

Regardless of your TEFL teaching experience, you can always give a shot and enrich your resume with a teaching abroad in summer cums. There are many camps across the world, offering the opportunity to teach students in a range from school age kids to university students. Europe, Latin America, Australia, Asia are full of learning camps with diverse programs. Where to go – depends on your travel preferences, but whatever choice you make the following benefits are:

1. Comprehensive Experience

Teach English abroad is remarkable life and teaching experience which can enrich you both as a person and ESL teacher. Conducting English lessons during summer in the camps full of kids gives you insight into teaching from a whole new perspective. Sunny nature instead of a classroom, learning filled with a plenty of outdoor activities, children with the different cultural background – all of these represents a mixture of diverse challenges put in front of you. Once you passed them, your improvement of personal and teaching skills are imprinted forever.

2. Low/No cost

kids campWhether you’re teaching English abroad as a volunteer or ESL teacher, most summer camps provide room and meals. Sometimes, there is modest stipend approximately $200- $300 a week. So, basically, you have low or no expenses at all. Also, there is a possibility of included trips during the camp, although it is not always provided.

3. Short Time Commitment

Typical summer camps run two to four weeks. The longest possible time is twelve weeks. These short – term contracts allow you to frequently switch camps and countries providing you exclusive opportunities to meet various cultures.

4. Camp Atmosphere

If you’ve ever been as a child in the camp, you can already imagine the lively atmosphere that prevails there. This time as an adult and teacher. However, it doesn’t mean that you will not
have a fun as children. On the contrary, this is a unique place where you can be both. Besides often playful learning classes, you will be required to be the part of after-class activities. Perhaps you will run the bike race or simply enjoy in hiking, jet skiing, music shows and parties. Whatever you do, camp directors work very hard to fill every day with many activities. One thing’s for sure: you will never forget your TEFL teaching experience abroad.

5. Try Different Training Methods

Most of you are probably familiar with classical teaching methods given by traditional schools. One of the best thing about summer camps teaching are the infinity of creative lessons. Creating innovative learning methods are the synonyms for ESL teachers. You can test and try plenty ideas and adjust them according to specific group needs. Your creative skills will be maximized in a short amount of time.

6. Meeting New Cultures

cultures1Teaching itself is already challenging job, but when you find yourself in front of children whose level of English is poor, while their native language and cultural background are unknown for you, your interpersonal and teach skills will be highly tested. You may be facing with habits which are unfamiliar to you. Different food, social behavior, distinctive children treatments are something that you will soon or later notice. Although the cultural adjustment is necessary for the beginning, this abroad experience will certainly help you to enrich your teacher’s life. There is no better way to meet the new cultures, than in the summer camps. With English lessons and everyday outdoor activities, every cultural challenge is easy to overcome.

7. Test Yourself As Abroad Teacher

If you ever thought that you could teach English abroad, but wasn’t sure about it, the summer camps are ideal for testing your preferences. As camps run for short amount of time, yet enough to discover all advantages and disadvantages of abroad teaching, this opportunity should be used. Thanks to it, you could easily decide if you’re for this kind of job or not.

8. Gain/Extend TEFL Teach Experience

If you are ESL teacher with no experience, summer camps are an easier way to gain it, with additional benefits that come with it, such as a combination of teaching and summer vacation. Same works for those with experience. Adding another job line seasoned with a foreign element in your resume certainly is not a flaw. Simply everything you’ve done in camp will be significant and lavishly lifetime and teach experience.
We hope this insightful list of why you should teach English abroad will be helpful for you to make a decision and who knows…Maybe even next year you will be on one of the best summer journeys in your life.