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Fresh Air

Fresh air has other health benefits, such as improving your blood pressure, aiding digestion, and boosting the immune system.


In a society where hard work is idealized, and more time is spent at your place of employment rather than at home, camping provides time away from daily stresses.


Camping provides a great deal of exercise. You walk to different amenities, swim, play sports, hike, fish, etc.

My story

Since my childhood, I have been interested in exploring and discovering the outside world. I guess I am born with nomad’s heart. To tell the truth, probably my parents are the “culprits” for my traveler’s curiosity since they always put outdoor activities in the first place. Today I am grateful to them because they enriched my childhood and built a firm base to go through life to the fullest.

Some of my best memories from childhood are the days of camping with my parents. After strict rules of the traditional school, this family escape was liberating and awakening. Traveling abroad to discover new worlds and lifestyles was not just a wild adventure, but pure life-learning. Staying in the worldwide homes of kind hosts instead of hotels in various countries was the best way to meet the locals and taste their way of life. These profound encounters hugely impacted on me. Also, it was affordable, so we used maximum out of our travel funds. I have learned that is possible with minimum resources to gain maximum benefits of traveling across the world. Frugal travel became our way of living.

Nomad Life

During these long trips, my parents didn’t neglect my education. Instead of just reading books and learn about outside world, I was an active part of it. Discovering new animal and plant species was much funnier and memorable in the outdoor parks while you face them in their natural environment. Great thing abroad was camping where I attend English classes. Teaching English in this way was so refreshing as it were quite outside of the box of traditional teaching. Brainstorming innovative ideas during lessons time showed me a whole new perspective of language learning. Who would have supposed that during the playing games in the parks you could improve your English vocabulary and dialog skills? Sounds logical, isn’t it? But somehow we are still trapped with traditional schooling, choosing to remain blind rather than to take steps to rid the classical educational shackles.

Change your lifestyle

Education in nature

I would like to change it, my fellows. Not because breaking rules of traditional education sound like forbidden fruit or frugal travel is just a cheap way to go somewhere with no meanings. But because outdoor education is complete life-learning. Something that can’t be forgotten and forever is imprinted in your mind and soul. World schooling evokes natural instincts of gathering and absorbing knowledge and finally makes you feel as a genuine resident of the entire world.

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