While you were an ESL teacher in China you decided to go camping with your fellow teachers. You wanted to live an exciting adventure and get outside the city. Little did you realize beforehand, you actually learned a lot about yourself.

Camping has a way of causing us to reflect on ourselves. It’s a powerful feeling. So what did you learn while you were camping? They might just surprise you.

You’re Savvier Than You Think

You thought you were pretty awesome at being savvy in your Chinese neighborhood, but camping brought that to another level. Camping requires you to use all available resources in as many ways as possible. That shirt you packed? It’s now wrapped around your head to stop sweat. Your metal water bottle? It’s now your go-to for making hot chocolate.

You’re At Least A Little Okay With Breaking The Law

Camping is a funny thing in China. You see, in the United States camping is all the rage. But in China? It’s only just becoming a thing. According to the law it’s both illegal and legal to camp in China. This is to give police officers some leeway on deciding if they want to remove someone from an area.

There’s always some risk camping, but there are methods to minimize it. To minimize risk, camp away from roads and bodies of water. The deeper you’re in the woods, the better.

You Will Have To Become Comfortable With Yourself

Even though you may be with friends or fellow teachers, there’s still much self-reflection. You’ll quickly lapse into thinking about friends and family, but then the deep stuff comes. Your personal ambitions, why you came to China in the first place, and what you’re going to do once you leave.

This deep reflection is going to help you become more comfortable with yourself. It’s rare to find moments in life where we can look into our souls to find out who we are. That’s one of the reasons that camping is so amazing. And what better place to do it than the Chinese countryside?

You’re One Hell Of A Trekker

To get out of range from the police, you’re going to want to head well into the jungle with your compass. This is going to make you one hell of a trekker. There are many traits that make a good trekker, so make sure you’re prepared before your journey begins.

Before you leave, you might want to do a couple training hikes to make sure you can handle the mileage with your gear. Next, you might need some walking poles – or at least a good and sturdy stick from the woods. Also, you can never bring enough water!

You’ll Become More Grateful About Your Travels

Traveling to China is a big deal. You’re there. You made it. Sitting back in the countryside, in the peace and quiet, will make you realize how lucky you are. So few people are able to travel at all, much less to somewhere so exotic and far away as China. It’s going to make you appreciate all of your travels.

You’re Actually Pretty Brave

You’re brave. It’s not the fact that what you’re doing is particularly dangerous. There’s little risk of failure. But still, few people have the courage to travel to China and then go camping.

You’re out in the elements, too. This is where anything can happen. Your gear can get drenched in torrential rain, you could go short on food or you could sprain an ankle. But here you are, toughing it out and doing it anyway.

Who Needs Tech? Not You!

The world of technology can be overwhelming and overrated at times. Especially if you’re in a city, the technology may feel as if it’s impossible to get away from. Once you’re in the countryside none of your technology will be of much use.

If you tend to always be on your laptop and cellphone, the break may feel scary at first. You’ll soon realize that this is good for you. It will reset your system and help you mentally recharge to face the rest of your trip.

Camping in China is such a wonderful opportunity to learn about yourself. You’ll learn how to become more comfortable with who you are and your ambitions. You’ll learn how to be versatile and to be grateful for your adventures. You’ll learn just how awesome you truly are.