Camping can be some of the most memorable experiences you have ever had. Staying in open with your friends. Setting up the tent. Finding the perfect spot.

If you are a traveler who likes nature, this might be one of your preferred options to spend the night. If you are interested in far east, China may have a lot of options for you.

1. The Yellow Mountain

One of the most amazing natural sites to visit is the Huangshan Mountain, or Yellow Mountain. Located in the Eastern China, not far from the coast. You might spend days exploring the mountain range.

Huangshan Mountain is close to the coast and to the major cities in China. This will make it easy to start your camping trip in China, as the first place to visit.

2. The Thousand Islands Lake

Qiandao Lake, also known as the Thousand Islands Lake is our second recommendation. It is a man-made lake formed in 1959. Located in Zhejiang Province, it is one of the more fascinating places to visit.

There are 1078 small islands of Qiandao Lake. It is possible to reach them in a kayak. While you are on the water you will instantly notice how pristine it is.

When you reach the camping site you will enjoy the fresh air and clear skies. During the night you can see the moonlight reflecting on the surface of the lake. It is truly a magical sight.

3. The Li River

Li River is located in Guangxi Province. It is part of the Guilin and Lijiang River National Park. It is not as close to major cities. If you plan to camp nearby you will need to invest in transportation.

Li River is one of the most beautiful rivers in all of China. Especially if you plan to stay near Guilin or Yangshuo.

4. The Xinjiang Desert

Desert camping may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of camping. It is still an interesting thing to explore. To set up a tent in the desert we move far west to the Xinjiang Desert. It may not be close, but it is not difficult to reach. Especially if you have arranged trip with an authorized agency.

The scenery can seem desolate at times. There are still sites to see. Some of them are the Lop Nor village. You can decide to camp nearby and explore this wonderful settlement. You might even be surprised by all the greenery.

One other option for traveling through Xinjiang Desert is camel trek. It may not be for everyone. You will also have to take care of it while you sleep. But it is still a memorable experience.

5. Leshan Giant Buddha and Dazu Rock Carvings

Another reason to camp, even backpack through China are all the ancient monuments and cities all over the country. It is one of the best ways to experience some of them. You will not be allowed to camp right next to some of them, but you will be able to see them.

While you travel from Huangshan Mountain to the Xinjiang Desert, stop by the Dazu Rock Carvings. You will find more than 10000 carvings made in 13th century. Further along the way, you might encounter Leshan Giant Buddha. It is a 233 ft tall statue located in Sichuan province.

6. The Great Wall

Yes it is possible to camp on the Great Wall of China. No it is not entirely legal to do so. Saying that people camp there all the time. You might get caught by the rangers, or by the police. Try to be as polite as possible to avoid any trouble for yourself if that does happen.

By now it is a known thing and you might even be let alone. It is recommended to avoid parts of the Great Wall that are closed to the public. As some parts are less safe for longer stay.

7. Chinese people

Saying that the Chinese people are hospitable is an understatement. You will be safe even if alone in the wild. Or in small villages you encounter along the way. You can ask for help if you get lost, or they might even restock your supplies, if you run out of them.

This all is important if this is your first time in China. Be sure to know at least some most useful words, as the English knowledge in China is very low. This is especially the case among the older generations.

8. Other campers

Camping in China attracts people from all over the world. Being one of the biggest and most memorable countries in the world. It is a place full of history and natural wonders. Staying in a large camp site you will be able to meet the most unexpected people.

Even if you decide to travel in small groups, you will still be able to meet other campers. Considering that many of them will be interested in the same places you wanted to visit.

9. Out of the city

City life can be stressful, especially in a foreign country. It can be even more noticeable in China. As there are immense number of people in every large city you find yourself in. They can be great places to work and earn money, but not to relax.

This is why camping in China can be a wonderful experience. It will let you see some of the most breathtaking places on Earth. It will also make you forget about the constant tension of living in a large city.

10. One of a kind experience

Camping in China is an experience you will not find anywhere else. Amazing wonders of nature that exist only in China. There is no other place where you can go from the most beautiful lake in the world, take the camel and camp in the desert. It is an experience of a lifetime.


While it is possible to see and camp at all the places listed, I would suggest to pace yourself. Find what you like the most and experience each location to its fullest.

It is a wonderful way to see the side of China you may not have if you sent all your time in a city.